Sivandana Yoga Class

The Yoga Experience

Our Sivananda class lasts close to two hours and typically
is divided into five sections.

  1. Initial relaxation and opening chants
  2. Pranayama (breathing exercises)
  3. Warm up exercises
  4. Asana sequence
  5. Final meditation and closing chants

Let go

During the initial relaxation, we introduce ourselves
and prepare for the class by releasing all built up negative energy. Once
negative energy has been released, we begin the opening chant with three
Om’s out loud together. This opens our chakras, or energy centers; and
thus, further prepares us for the flow of energy that will take place
during the class.


Pranayama is a series of breathing exercises that
helps clear the lungs of stale air, clears and opens the chakras, and
helps balance the left and right side of the body and mind.


During our warm up exercises, we practice Sun Salutations
and a few leg lifts. This loosens our muscles, gets our blood flowing,
raises our body temperature, and begins to engage our muscles and mind.


The asana sequence is a series of postures designed
to keep the spine healthy. Flexibility, strength, balance, internal organ
toxin release, control of mind, and flow of energy are just some of the
benefits of the different asanas.


Before we finish the class the same way we began (with
three Om’s out loud together and then the closing chant), we relax into
final meditation. It is here we withdraw from the senses, quiet the mind,
and allow ourselves the possibility to experience Absolute Truth or all
that is Real. This is a true moment of Enlightenment. This is the true
purpose of leading a yogic life and why we practice yoga.