Breathing Circle

Soulful Breathwork Breathing Circle

During our Soulful Breathwork Breathing Circle, we do more than just learn how to breathe in a deep and relaxing way. We practice a very specific yogic pranayama, or breathing exercise, which we focus on doing for approximately one hour.

During that time, we are taken on a roller coaster ride of subtle to intense experiences. The Prana, or energy, that exists in the air we breathe has an intelligence which moves through our energetic, or astral, body and find where our energy is stuck or isn’t idealistically moving. It will then begin to work on that blockage to loosen it up so that it may be released. It may be released in the form of suppressed emotions. You may suddenly become incredibly happy, sad, angry, blissful, etc. It may open you up to receive messages from your guides, ancestors, angels, etc. You may gain insight or receive images. Perhaps you’ll release suppressed memories. You may be let in on the big cosmic joke or unite with the cosmos in an orgasmically blissful way.

These experiences may be subtle or intense. Whatever the case, we will be healing on several levels-physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually.

And rest assured, anything you aren’t ready to deal with, won’t surface. But if it comes up, you’re ready-whether you believe it or not.

When you give yourself this incredible gift of healing, be sure to bring a yoga mat, blanket, small supportive pillow, and a blindfold.

I look forward to sharing this amazing practice with you.


Atma Namaste~