Welcome to my thoughts page. Here you will find links to meditations, prayers, and personal thoughts. You will also find links to the chants I say at the beginning and end of the class I teach with their translations. I plan to continuously add to this page including quotes I come across that move or inspire me. So if you like positive thoughts, come back often to see what’s been added.

In Love and Light,
Om Shanti.


I honor the place in you where the entire Universe resides.
I honor the place in you of Light, Love, Truth, Peace, and Wisdom.
I honor the place in you where, when you are in that place,
and I am in that place, we are both One.

-Mohandas Ghandi in response to Albert Einstein
when asked the meaning of Namaste.

Daily Reminder:

For today only: Anger not, worry not;
Be grateful and humble;
Do your work with appreciation;
Be kind to all.


During the Sivananda certification, we are taught that Sanskrit is a language made of sounds. Each sound has a specific vibration. These vibrations, or sounds, are then put together creating a unique string of vibrations. These strings of vibrations are the Sanskrit words. When chanting in Sanskrit, vibrations are created within and resonate outward into the Universe connecting you with the ethereal plane…

Chants Page


It is taught that through meditation one can reach enlightenment. There are many varieties of techniques for meditating-some use sound, others visual symbols, others breathing. All have a common goal: to focus “the scattered rays of the mind on a single point so as to lead the meditator to a state of self-realization.”

One such technique is japa or the repetition of a mantra. There are several mantras, the most common known is simply “OM.”

There is another that everyone does throughout their lives, sometimes without ever knowing it. It is “Soham.” This mantra is repeated every time you breathe. Listen carefully to your breath and its sound. Notice how the inhale produces a “so” sound and the exhale produces a “ham” sound. Without even knowing it, you are practicing mantra repetition!

World Healing

Meditate and pray with me for the Healing of the World:
World Healing Meditation