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Hello! My name is Todd and I am thrilled to be offering a naked yoga class. Yoga is a path towards enlightenment. Naturism is a way of shedding our protective layers encouraging us to not only accept others as they are; but also and more importantly, to accept ourselves as we are. I believe the two compliment one another. Start on the path towards enlightenment by accepting ourselves and accept ourselves by starting on the path towards enlightenment.

I began practicing yoga after I retired from a career as a professional ballet dancer of more than ten years. I immediately fell in love with the inherent benefits one receives from practicing yoga. I soon wanted to better my own practice and thought the best way to accomplish that was to get certified as a yoga instructor. While becoming certified, I enjoyed the shared energy while teaching. I decided to start out slowly and only teach privately one-on-one. As my list of privates grew, I was eventually approached by one of my students and asked if I would consider teaching a group class. I'm pleased to say I now have a steady flow of private clients and have formed a group class.

I'm thrilled to offer a class where I combine the Sivananda class I've been certified to teach with my love for naturism. Come join me for this unique opportunity to shed your layers and head towards enlightenment!

I invite you to hear what others are saying about our class. I am looking forward to sharing some incredible energy with you too.

In Love and Light,
Om Shanti,