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I like the relaxation I get, the kindness of the teacher and the nudity, of course! The class is nothing like most people imagine. Sexy but not sexual. I love the peaceful feeling I get.

Zack, Miami

Friendly atmosphere and camaraderie among those who seek quality of life specifically in the gay world of men and our time where aggressive behavior sometimes overwhelms the hearts of those kind and true. Focus brings authenticity and Todd brings us to focus. Simple and authentic.
Ed, Miami Beach
Peaceful community of individuals. It's always a spiritually compatable and interesting group. Also, what Todd brings to it in terms of warmth and skill is terrific. There is a bonding that is so special, including the sharing of food afterwards. It brings me peace and often joy. It has introduced me to a group of men I am still getting to know, who are becoming an important part of my community in South Florida. I am very grateful for Todd bringing us this gift.
Rick, Ft. Lauderdale
Relaxing sequences. Powerful and bonding. Integration of physical with spiritual. (Anonymous)
I like the joining of the masculine energy. The freedom from clothing that binds movement. The slower pace and meditative aspect is wonderful and grounding. Spiritual...affriming...liberating...challenging. BIG joe, Miami
Calm relaxed friendly environment. Perry
There is something surprisingly easy and comforting about being in Todd's class. The nakedness among men creates a special group unity that is harder to achieve in clothed classes. Todd has a great soothing style that makes one feel welcome and at home. NakedYogaMiami is a sensual, liberating and calming experience. Brian, Miami
Very relaxed and comfortable place, nice guys. Todd is very helpful and takes time for everyone. All a very good experience. Al, Miami Beach
I like the spiritual connection, the freedom of practicing yoga in the nude. It is serene, spiritual, relaxing, wonderful. (Anonymous)
I like the professionalism and the spiritual feeling in the same direction. It's a connection between spirit, yourself and eroticism. Alfredo
I like the professionalism, the atmosphere, the instructor. It was relaxing, almost purifying and lifts my spirit. Rodrigo, Miami
Nice male camaraderie, combo of breathing exercises, poses, and meditation. Oh, and the teacher is awesome too!!! A wonderful, physical and spiritual experience. Lee, Miami
Enjoy the learning experience, being naked and relaxing. It is a great environment to be in. Being new to yoga I find myself being immersed in what is happening now. A wonderful experience and I wish that I had started it years ago, especially being naked.
Mike Kiwi

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